2021: An End of Year Review

What a year 2021 has been! Seems like yesterday when we launched our new company in February. We are ending the year with 23 product software releases, and are looking forward to even more exciting features in 2022. Check out our Top 10 Features released in 2021 below.
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2021 Top 10 Feature Releases

Apply our standard P&ID symbol library to auto-detect symbols – OR – apply a project template that you’ve trained & built in the tool

Save custom symbols you’ve taught DataSeer to learn to templates. Apply them in new projects for future automation

Search for vertical orientations of symbols as well as horizontal

Enter (optional) regular expressions a.k.a regexes to customize your text searches for line numbers, valve attributes. Be more specific to get higher extraction accuracy.

Replace pages with new versions while visualizing version diffs side-by-0side or as an auto-generated diff image

Define hierarchies by grouping sets of symbols together

Add or delete rows and columns. Use keyboard shortcuts in extracted tables for faster data cleanup

Convert the extracted data from a diagram into an SVG for use in a digital twin. Alternatively, download an Excel workbook to run a macro that redraws the diagram in SmartPlant via RPA.

Search for symbols & line numbers previously extracted from projects

Add / remove user accounts on your own. Monitor usage & activity of users in your tenant. Only for Enterprise clients.