2022 Q1 Webinar: Digitization of Industrial Diagrams through AI & Computer Vision

We are excited to host an online webinar on Thursday, February 10, 2022 on “Digitization of Industrial Diagrams through AI and Computer Vision”.
We introduce the problem of extracting data trapped in legacy technical diagrams and explain how recent technologies in computer vision & machine learning can help automate and accelerate manual effort that’s currently done today. We’ll cover the following topics in this 1-hour webinar that includes a Q&A session:
  • Why is data extraction in P&IDs so hard?
  • A human-in-the-loop approach to data extraction
  • Overview of computer vision & machine learning techniques in image recognition
We will include live demo of a tool that we’ve developed highlighting the following use cases:
  • Material takeoff estimation from P&IDs
  • Tag extraction from electrical wiring diagrams
  • Table extraction in data sheets, line designation tables, bill of materials tables
Check out the video recording of the webinar below!