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4.4 Person Years* saved by all our users to date.  *There are 2,080 working hours in a person-year

DataSeer uses AI to automatically detect, label and extract information from engineering diagrams, lists & reports.

Analyze and extract the data you need from Diagrams - in minutes.

DataSeer’s search function is up to 100 times faster than manual searches. Get more accurate and consistent results faster using the latest advances in AI. DataSeer automates the extraction of industrial symbols, lines, tables & text into easy-to-use, standard output formats that fit into your existing workflows.

DataSeer, built by and for engineers.

DataSeer was built in close collaboration with users at some of the largest engineering firms in the world, who we are proud to call our customers. The system is powered by Artificial Intelligence and continuously trained on tens of thousands of diagrams to automatically recognize the most common symbols in seconds. With detection errors of <1% and an intuitive verification workflow, DataSeer significantly improves quality control and quality assurance of data extraction at scale.

Rapidly identify & categorize symbols and associate them to lines and text labels using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Review & approve automatic results via an intuitive user interface, run customized searches and share projects with collaborators

Search and find any text across hundreds of diagrams in seconds, including extraction of tables and forms to editable formats

Transforming the use of Industrial Drawings

We help teams do
their best work.

With DataSeer, your team can focus on what matters most. DataSeer dramatically decreases time spent staring at industrial diagrams and manually extracting information, with many users reporting 90%+ time savings in their project work compared to previous processes.

DataSeer in Action

Locate symbols & text

DataSeer automatically detects and identifies all instances of relevant symbols and associated text. Custom symbols, text and associations are quickly searchable and added into the extraction. 

Estimate costs for fabrication & construction

DataSeer delivers a drastic decrease in time spent extracting objects, lines and tables as part of material take offs in the estimation process. Our customers deliver more competitive bids in faster time.

Create line, valve & instrument lists

DataSeer allows for easy export of symbol & line counts and categories into standardized CSV format for quick incorporation into your existing workflows.

Accelerate QA & QC

As part of a QA/QC process, line lists, instrument indexes and valve schedules can be quickly extracted from client deliverables for comparison to specifications before issuing documents.

Extract table, forms & lists

DataSeer automatically extracts tabular data, such as bills of material, part lists, production reports, data sheets, pile schedules and more. DataSeer transforms the content and structure of tables into editable CSV format.

Protect security & privacy
DataSeer was built from the ground up to satisfy the security and privacy requirements for some of the largest engineering companies in the world. DataSeer is ISO 27001 certified and audited to the strictest compliance standards.
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